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Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Designed for everyday wear, the Josh and Thom linen pyjama collection was created with breathability, durability and eco-sustainability in mind.

From 100% pure fabrics, each piece was created to stand the test of time as a high quality, durable piece for every wardrobe. With different fibres available to support your eco-conscious goals, every Josh and Thom piece was designed in Australia supporting the local business community and sustainable fashion practices.

Organic White Linen, Cotton, and Silk Pyjamas

Designed for both low environmental impact and extreme comfort, each Josh and Thom pyjama set was created to provide a relaxed, breathable fit so you can sleep easily. With 100% organic cotton and linen pieces available, the benefits of each natural fibre can support your health and wellbeing goals and the Earth.

100% Cotton: With farming and production processes overhauled over the last several years, fabrics like this are durable, relaxed, capture moisture, and are – in their natural state – biodegradable. Offering better stretch fit than some other natural fibres, 100% cotton items are easy to care for and maintain.

100% Linen: Said to be one of the most durable fibres, 100% linen pieces are an investment piece for every wardrobe and will stand the test of time. With a lower environmental impact than cotton farming practices, linen is derived from flax plant crops, with the whole plant being used in textile and food production.

100% Silk: A natural protein fibre, silk is a hypoallergenic textile that does not attract dust mites and is a natural fungal repellent. Instead of containing moisture-capturing properties, silk retains skin’s moisture and can be a soothing alternative for some irritated skin conditions.

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